Verner Kristiansen ApS was founded in 2007 by Communications and International Development specialist Verner Kristiansen, formerly:

> UNICEF (1992-95)
> Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark (1995-2004)
> Confederation of Danish Industries (2004-05)
> Monday Morning, Think Tank of News (2005-07)

From 2004-09, Verner was an external lecturer of development theory at the University of Aarhus (Public Health) and from 2014-18 he is examiner at the University of Roskilde (Development Studies).

In assignments of scale, Verner Kristiansen often involves a strong Danish and international network of development experts and communication advisers.


Business registration number: 32 77 06 81

Owner and Director: Verner Kristiansen

Office: 25D Bredgade, 1260 DK-Copenhagen K

Telephone: +45 2741 2645


Skype: Verner Kristiansen

Auditor: Chartered Accountant JS Revision